This Italian inspired late Medieval sword shares the utilitarian blade of the Alexandria, itself an elegantly simple Italian sword – but the Principe has the more elaborate hilt stylings that are a hallmark of many late Medieval and early Renaissance Italian swords. While more lavish in character, the Principe is no less a weapon than the simpler Alexandria sword.

What makes the Principe and the Alexandria swords stand out from many is the great care that the original crafters of these designs took to create the blade according to specific and harmonious geometric ratios. Medieval and Renaissance drafters, artists and craftsmen of architecture, art, and even some bladesmithing, first envisioned their creation with mathematical ratios. They were Inspired by the geometric ratios commonly found in nature and believed that this mathematical harmony was evidence of God creating the world with specific, logical ratios. Thus they sought to emulate his methods in their own creations, believing this brought their work into alignment with the properties of the universe and perhaps imparting some of the mysterious, the divine and its powers into their efforts. Using this concept, parts of the sword such as the length of the crossguard and the width of the blade were determined entirely by geometry, not by whim.

These geometric principles do make for a well-balanced sword. The wide blade has its center of balance moved closer to the crossguard than its length would suggest because of the strong distal and profile tapering. Albion characterizes its handling as thus; The long grip of the Principe makes for a very lively balance. Its a massive sword, but it does not feel heavy in the hand as it is wielded. Because of the forward pivot point being placed right at the point, a swordsman will keep his opponent under threat as he moves the sword through wards and guards: the point will want to remain stationary as the hilt is manipulated, leading with the forward hand close to the guard. When the aft hand leads, the blade can be brought around quickly in preparation for a cut. The dynamic properties of the Principe makes for a powerful weapon that moves with effortless grace.

This sword by Albion Armorers, has a hand ground and sharpened blade of high carbon steel. The crossguard and pommel are cast from mild steel. The grip is of stabilized birch wood, cord-wrapped and fitted over with tight leather.

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