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Balaur Arms – Norwegian Viking Sword – Type E

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The Type E Viking sword stands out among Viking swords for its particularly large and dominating hilt coupled with a broad blade. Most known examples date to the 9th and early 10th century in Norway, particularly near Trondheim. This reproduction by Balaur Arms has a blade of tempered high carbon steel with a wide and deep weight-reducing fuller running the center of the blade on both sides. The blade is tempered to a 56-58 HRc hardness.

The guard and pommel are cast from fine bronze; like traditionally-constructed examples this sword has a two-part pommel with a hollow upper pommel cap copper-riveted to the lower pommel and embellished with inlaid braided steel wire. The hardwood grip is tightly bound in leather and the sword blade is stoutly anchored into the hilt with a robust peen over the pommel.

The sword is paired with a wooden scabbard which is tightly wrapped in leather and capped with a chape of copper. A wooden suspension loop is tightly secured with a leather braided banding and allows for the sword to be slung from a shoulder baldric for wear.

Overall Length37 5/8''
Blade Length30 7/16''
Weight3 lbs 10.4 oz
Width55.3 mm
Thickness3.6 mm - 2.9 mm
PommelPeened and Riveted
P.O.B.3 1/16''
Grip Length3 3/4''
Blade [1561 High Carbon Steel (ASTM)]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerBalaur Arms
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Balaur Arms – Norwegian Viking Sword – Type E

  1. Nathan K

    Bought this second hand. Very nice for the price. Feels good in the hand and very quick due to the heavy pommel. Finish is at the high end for Indian made swords. I would rate above Deepeeka and similar to Del Tin

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