This Type XIV sword by Balaur Arms has a blade of well-tempered high carbon steel with a resilient hardness of 50-52 HRc. This arming sword has a capable cut-and-thrust design coupled with a characteristically flared base of the blade to ensure that the blade has a strong base for forceful binds and parries. The widening of the base also adds more blade mass near the base of the blade which helps in giving it a responsive overall balance. The size of the sword is perfect for making it an everyday companion to the knight or professional warrior; large enough for the battle, but not so long as to become obtrusive indoors or on the saddle and it has plenty of style to denote its bearer as a martial professional of respected status.

The crossguard is forged from steel and the pommel is finely cast from steel. The pommel bears Latin inscription on both sides which bears a quotation from Virgil’s Aeneid: “sunt hic etiam sua praemia laudi” (here, too, virtue has its due reward”.

The grip is crafted from hardwood is bound in tight black leather for a finish. The sword is matched with a wooden scabbard which is tightly overlaid in black leather and completed with a protective steel chape.