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Bartitsu – Historical Self-Defense with a Walking Stick DVD

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One of the first Europeans to learn Jiu Jitsu in Japan, Edward Barton-Wright used his new knowledge and melded it with kickboxing, Canne Vigny and Savate to create his new martial art of Bartitsu. His Bartitsu club in London taught practical self defense to gentlemen – a welcome skill in the rough streets of London. At his club, Pierre Vigny taught the arts of defending oneself with walking canes and sticks in the style of Canne Vigny and La Canne.

DVD Contents:

Historical Background
Types of canes and walking sticks
Basics and Mechanics
Defences in classical La Canne and Canne Vigny
Additional techniques and tactics, like locks and throws
Countering armed and unarmed attacks
Practical application in self-defense situations
Drills, exercises and free fencing


Alexander Kiermayer
+Long-time teacher for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)
+Long-time teaching experience in various Asian martial arts
State-licensed trainer
Police trainer

Christoph Reinberger
Long-time teacher for Historical European Martial Arts

DVD – 170 mins


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