This Version II Book of Eli machete from Scorpion is influenced from the one used in the movie Book of Eli.  Eli is a lone traveler, wandering America’s wastelands devastated by nuclear war 30 years prior. The stark landscape is littered with abandoned cars, crumbling buildings, and bombed highways. Water and food are scarce.  Eli uses his sword to survive and fight his way through, to deliver his copy of this mysterious book to a safe location.

This sturdy and strongly-constructed sword has a blade of well-tempered 1095 high carbon steel. It has the most durable hilt construction possible with the tang and blade being crafted from a single piece of particularly thick steel and finished with a pair of black micarta grip scales which are riveted directly to the blade tang. The sword is completed with a tough sheath of thick black buffalo culatta leather with riveted construction.