Limited to a mere 100 swords worldwide, the Bamboo Katana is the third sword of Citadels Limited Edition series.

Crafted from 1075 steel, this katana has a long bo-hi groove to reduce weight in the thickest part of the sword; this reduces weight and sacrifices little blade strength because this gives the spine a profile akin to an I-beam – an efficient shape for reducing weight whilst retaining structural integrity. As a bonus, the bo-hi groove disrupts the flow of air over the blade as it strikes, giving a distinctively audible whoosh sound as it slices the air. This is called the Tachikaze – The Sword Wind. A keen ear will notice that the sound differs depending on what angle the blade is swung, and thus will know if his edge was properly aligned in the swing.

The blade, as evidenced by its uniformly wave-like notare hamon, is differentially tempered with the traditional clay process. The hamon is distinct and quite visible.

The tsuba is hand-cut, shaped and engraved from pure iron. Its nanako stippled pattern was done by a very patient hand. The tsuba has seki-gane inserts of copper that are designed to be more easily worked and shaped than iron to ensure that the tsuba has a tight fit to the blade. Should it be removed to be put onto another blade it will be easier to fit the tsuba because of the seki-gane. Most production katana omit the seki-gane of the tsuba; its inclusion is indicative of the degree of detail Citadel has imparted into its katana.

The habaki is of copper and the seppa are brass. The fuchi and kashira fittings are crafted from highly polished pure iron. The wooden tsuka has the rare inclusion of a full ray-skin wrap overlaid with black silk ito imported from Japan. The ito tight and well knotted. A pair of antiqued brass menuki are bound within the folds of the ito.

The saya scabbard is hand carved and given a gloss black lacquer finish. The mouth of the saya has an inlaid wrap of rayskin that was polished until it was smooth and then made flush with the rest of the scabbard by filling its recesses with black lacquer. The koiguchi is of buffalo horn and is carved to precisely fit the scabbard. An untied black sageo cord is included.

The sword comes with a black cloth sword bag with silk inside. It also comes with a padded, zippered nylon sword carrying bag with a shoulder strap and external zippered compartment.