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Cold Steel – Indian Talwar

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The Cold Steel Talwar has a sharpened blade of 1090 high carbon steel; the ornate hilt is cast brass and the companion scabbard is leather with brass fittings and a brass hanging ring. Unlike many Talwar, the grip is large enough to comfortably accommodate a large hand.

Overall Length34 1/4''
Blade Length28 3/8''
Weight2 lb 6 oz
Width34.4 mm
Thickness8 mm - 2.2 mm
Grip Length3 5/8''
Blade [1090 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginIndia

4 reviews for Cold Steel – Indian Talwar

  1. Ben b.

    Good sword, but be aware that is indeed a Talwar I got a prototype version of this sword from the cold steel parking lot version, it appaers as though the only difference as that the one i have has less ornamentation, and isn’t detailed on the scabard. The sword itself is a beast, and it may be because mine is the prototype but mine seems to be longer, more that 31 inches by a little bit. Unlike other sabres, this sword does not feel light and fast, this sword makes you feel sorry for whoever is in its path. Also, the disk on the bottom does exactly what it is there for, it is very painful to break your wrist mid swing, the disk sill dig into your wrist. If you keep your wrist rigid then the sword is fine to use, but it is imperative that you follow through. The blade itself is beautiful and is very well tempered and has a wider semi shallow fuller with a great taper. It really does train you not to break your wrist, that being said, its not my favorite, but it was what i was looking for.

  2. Elias Katsaros

    I just received this Indian Talwar , and I am really surprised with the beautiful balance, the distal taper at the blade is excellent!! The brass looks beautiful, and the blade is very sharp.
    And also is very well polished !! And I don’t have any problems with the disc , it doesn’t bother my hand .
    Thank you for the beautiful sword!!
    Elias Katsaros

  3. Nate S (verified owner)

    Excellent piece for an excellent price; not much more I can say about that which hasn’t been said already but I may as well confirm that, at least with the current blade (as of 2021), it’s superbly balanced and very fast.

    I do have some information concerning the hilt that will hopefully be helpful to someone – I held off on buying this at first as I was afraid that “large enough to comfortably accommodate a large hand” would be more akin to “large enough to accommodate everyone who doesn’t like or understand the disc pommel,” but fortunately it means exactly what it says.

    For reference, my hand is near exactly 4 inches across my palm at the knuckles and my glove size is XL (depending on the glove, sometimes I can squeeze into L in a pinch), and it fits the handle nice and tight like it’s supposed to.

    If you’ve REALLY got a massive pair of meathooks you might be out of luck without some DIY (although it does have a threaded tang. . .maybe some washers between the pommel and handle would do the trick?), but I expect that at least a somewhat larger hand could still fit without issue as well – if I had to guess, your hand could be up to almost 4.5 inches across (again, at the knuckles) before it would be truly problematic, since the tightness comes mostly from the meat of my hand compressing when I’m holding it.

    If your hands are smaller I can’t speak to that very well, but for what it’s worth I can offer that the handle is not so big as to be untrue to its purpose. I would go as far as to wager that even for a significantly smaller hand, the shape of the grip itself is still going to help keep it tight against the pommel.

    In short – excellent sword overall, and as near as I can tell, excellent representation of a talwar.

  4. alientude

    Quite possibly Cold Steel’s best sword, and one of the best buys in this price range, period. A beautifully realized sword with very pronounced distal taper and excellent performance. Overall just a joy to own and use.

    Here’s my full video review:

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