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Cold Steel Scottish Dirk

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The Cold Steel Scottish Dirk features a 1050 high carbon steel blade forged to a hard spring temper, fully sharpened and battle-ready. The attractive Rosewood handle is capped with a contrasting blued-steel guard, bolster and disc-shaped pommel, and a handsome leather scabbard completes the package. The scabbard features an extra wide belt loop with a blued-steel throat and chape.

Overall Length18 3/8''
Blade Length13''
Weight1 lb 1 oz
Width40.5 mm
Thickness5.4 mm - 2.9 mm
Grip Length4''
Blade [1055 High Carbon Steel]
TypeScottish Dirk
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Cold Steel Scottish Dirk

  1. Carson

    Good for display. NOT for a weapon. I would be lying if I said this was an unattractive piece, but that’s about the only plus for this blade. Overall the handle is too rounded, and thus edge alignment is hard to control. It’s also quite light, so cuts are not really powerful enough for use as a tool or anything. The threaded pommel loosens up too easily. Overall for an overpriced display piece, I think you could do better.

  2. Thomas Lee Proctor

    A strong, sturdy piece. I am a fan of Cold Steel products, and after buying thier Broadsword, I bought the dirk. I am a practitioner of historical scottish swordplay, and use this for the basis of my review.

    Cold Steel has a reputation for crwating hefty weapons, which while making them sturdy as hell, makes them historically inaccurate at times.

    However, i do not have this issue with this dirk. It is a sturdy piece, with a stout blade, while remaining light enough to move effortlessly. The blade cuts well, provided you have a strong grip. The rounded handle makes edge alignment the only issue I have with the blade, but provided you aren’t swinging crazy, its not terrible. I keep this blade by my bed as a first line of defense. I have taken ir on several overnight hiking/camping adventures with great results.

  3. mjmccoy9

    I like it. There’s quality workmanship in it. The scabbard is really nice too. I can’t find any flaws with it. It took a razor sharp edge. Not too heavy or too light.

    I’m impressed. This one’s a keeper.

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