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Cold Steel – Sergeant’s Halberd – Man at Arms Collection

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The Cold Steel Sergeants Halberd has a head of blackened 1055 high carbon steel. It has a sharpened axe head, pick and spear point – they are moderately sharp. The shaft is of stained ash wood. The halberd ships disassembled to minimize shipping cost; the head is secured to the pole with a pair of wood screws which are not included. Please note that mounting hardware from Cold Steel is not included.

This halberd is a type that would have been common in the late medieval period and Renaissance. The weapon is designed to defeat an armored opponent – It has an axehead with a countering beak-like pick and a spike-like spearhead. With a two-handed grip and a strong swing, a halberd such as this can deliver a decisive strike to an unfortunate foe.

To get a good fit with halberd head and the pole, a few inches of the tapered portion of the pole will probably have to be removed.

Please Note: Our photos show an approximation of the completed weapon – we did not screw the head to the pole. Also poles may have slight bends or warps, however, we inspect them to try and pick the best ones available but some imperfections may be present and are standard for quality.

Overall Length84 1/4''
Blade Length7 3/4''
Weight3 lb 14 oz
DimensionsSpear Tip: 11 1/2''
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Cold Steel – Sergeant’s Halberd – Man at Arms Collection

  1. Matt

    Decent piece for starting a polearms collection I have mixed feelings about this halberd. I’ve been collecting swords and other medieval weapons for 16 years now and finally bit the bullet to branch out into pole weapons. The halberd arrived quickly as always from koa but looking at the pictures it seems I was sent the wrong shaft for the head. It took work with a rasp and belt sander but eventually I got it shaped to fit the head and squared away for a proper grip. When I put the shaft into the head I found that there is a bar welded inside the head at about the point where the socket meets the first set of spikes on the head. As of yet I don’t know that it’s going to be structurally weak due to this or not. The blades are all set off at different angles from the socket resulting in this being not so elegant looking. It handles ok and the steel is springy and of good quality, the fit just could much better overall. But for the price most of this is expected. Just be warned that if you do purchase this weapon there’s a chance it’ll take a lot of work in order to get any kind of fit onto the haft.

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