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Cold Steel – Tiger Fork

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The Tiger Fork is a Chinese polearm that likely had its origins as a tool for fending off deadly predators such as tigers or bears and became a weapon of self-defense and war for its usefulness in foiling and entrapping strikes from an opponent. In early 20th century photographs of Chinese village patrols, town militias or even royal retinues it is common to see at least a few men armed with Tiger Forks. Like many such weapons, it has now become a staple of Chinese martial arts practitioners.

As a weapon, the widely-placed prongs excel at cutting off many angles of attack from a foe and when used in a parry a deft twist of the hand can entangle or entrap an opposing weapon and force a disarm. The central, diamond-cross section speartip is stiff and well capable of piercing armor and ending a threat in a single piercing strike.

This Tiger Fork polearm has a tri-pronged head of 1055 high carbon steel and a haft of stained ash wood. The polearm ships unassembled and some assembly is required. There is a hole in the socket of the polearm head to accommodate a screw to secure it to the pole. This screw mounting hardware is not included.

Please Note: Our photos show an approximation of the completed weapon – we did not screw the head to the pole, this is why the screws are not present in the photos. Also poles may have slight bends or warps, however, we inspect them to try and pick the best ones available.

Overall Length88 3/4''
Weight4 lb 0.5 oz (total weight)
Width13 7/8''
Blade [1055 High Carbon Steel]
TypeTiger Fork
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginIndia


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