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Cold Steel Training Dagger

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The Cold Steel Training Dagger is made of the heaviest grade polpropylene available, making for a training weapon that closely replicates the weight and feel of the real thing, while being impervious to the elements and virtually unbreakable.

Overall Length19 3/4''
Blade Length13 3/8''
Weight12 oz
Width31.6 mm
Thickness22.2 mm - 22 mm
Grip Length4 1/4''
Blade [Polypropylene]
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginTaiwan

2 reviews for Cold Steel Training Dagger

  1. Fin Fer

    Tough, but maybe too tough The Good:
    Very tough and reliable. The assemblage (the cross-guard comes unattached to reduce shipping) is simple to do and very sturdy, and as long as who or what you practice with doesn’t use sharp metal, this will last a very long time under heavy stress. Though longer and heavier than a lot of 15th century-ish daggers it appears to be emulating, proportional to its length the weight not too bad. Perfect for pell work.

    And The Bad:
    It’s incredibly stiff. Border lining dangerous. The training dagger has no flex at all, and since most techniques (modern and ancient) rely a lot on thrusts for attacks, this trainer (more like a weapon) is to dangerous to spar with, even with padded jacks. If you intend to use this in sparring, make sure you have hard protection for your torso at least (and your head, as with any other trainer), if not your arms and legs, because this thing hits harder than a baton and does nothing to soften the force of a thrust at your target. I use mine on a pell quite happily, but it’d be nice to use it in sparring without someone suffering internal bleeding. Wish it had a lot more flex for saftey.

    *Fair to note that i had to use sandpaper to dull the tip of mine, because as it came it felt pointy enough to use as an actual dagger

    Very durable and cheap. Good for pell work and solo practice, but hard torso protection (and face protection obviously) is a must to even consider using it in sparing. If your looking for something to spar with, look elsewhere. If you want something cheap and strong to whack away on inanimate objects without it ever breaking, this is for you.

    Fin Fer

  2. Steven Kyle Toelle

    Having owned this dagger for number of years, I can say it is perfect for what it is made for, which is practicing medieval dagger fighting. Unlike most synthetic trainers that are floppy, this one is stiff and unforgiving, so sparring with it outside of armor requires respect and control. If you are fighting in armor, you can definitely fight in earnest with it and be successful. I use it for both as well as a cheap off hand weapon when working sword and dagger, both with steel and synthetic as it stands up to both perfectly. Not good for if you are wanting to play dagger tag or think you can spar recklessly as it will be very punishing.

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