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Cold Steel Viking Sword

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Features a sharpened 1050 carbon steel blade, black leather covered handle with sculpted nickel silver guard and pommel. Includes a black leather scabbard with nickel silver fittings.

Overall Length37 1/2''
Blade Length30 3/8''
Weight2 lb 9 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width42.8 mm
Thickness5.5 mm - 4.1 mm
Grip Length4 5/8''
Blade [1055 High Carbon Stell]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginChina

5 reviews for Cold Steel Viking Sword

  1. Steven Wynn

    Takes a lot of abuse Had mine for about 2 years and certainly put it through its paces. Its weight and handling is not historically accurate, but this is built to take heavy abuse. I’ve destroyed cinder blocks, chopped firewood, hit it on a most anything I could get away with. If you want something sharp and sturdy, this is what you need.

  2. Olafr G.

    Cold Steel Viking Sword This is an outstanding weapon.Blade flexes well,retains a SHARP edge.Very well balanced.Man the longships it’s time to go a viking

  3. Joe

    This sword is Perfect for the price, the Handling is excellent. Thank you KOA for the low price and fast shipping. Amazing quality for the price, sword came with a great functional edge and fantastic geometry, not only that, but through testing the sword on wood, heavy plastic bottles, and aluminum cans, The sword performed really well, but developed some wiggle in the handguard, but the wiggle was already present before the test, but it got slightly worse. However the aluminum from the cans never got stuck on the very edge of the sword, which must require the right geometry, cause on many other swords and knives I have tested, the aluminum gets stuck on the edges, But even after numerous aluminum cans being cut, none of the aluminum got stuck on this sword. Though the aluminum that would get stuck on other knives, was from cans that had extra thick painted aluminum, which seemed to cause the sticking, but, again, not on this sword, very interesting I thought, and nice. The edge took pretty much no damage besides some slight edge reflections upon closer inspection, which is normal, no discernible loss in sharpness after cutting wood, cutting about 20 bottles including very thick bottles, and cutting 20 or more aluminum cans, the bottles and cans were filled with water.

  4. Karen

    Very nice sword but defiitey not as sharp as on Cold Steel videos etc My husband bought me this sword and don’t misunderstand me. I love it. It is a beautifully crafted weapon. And this thing would pierce flesh like it was nothing. But, after that, some of the sharpness seems to be a fair bit exaggerated as compared to The Cold Steel Videos. Mine (brand new) has a tough time slicing paper, could know half a plastic soda bottle filled with water. (Although, on it’s side on the ground, the blade tip pierced it leaving a big tear in it with little effort.)…It gives you the feeling that Cold Steel keeps their sharpest blades and gives the less sharp blade to it’s other retailers. Nevertheless, I love this sword, how it is made and looks. And my husband bought it for me as display of part of heritage which DNA sources show to trace back to early Viking raiders in Scotland / Ireland…I plan to display with a Viking shield and Shield maidens dress….So, I am not greatly bothered by the exaggerated bade sharpness in my case. And I can say, if I were a burglar, I wouldn’t to run into someone wielding this weapon! lol….

  5. J

    This was my first sword. Even without prior experience owning swords, I feel I can give a fair review. I did not expect perfection at this price point. The overall sword and sheath feels cheap. Again, because I’m new I have nothing to compare it with but I know it’s very low quality. Same with the hilt. The guard and pommel are very cheap looking. The engravings are very shallow and look mediocre. The photos look SO MUCH BETTER. I bought it because it looked gorgeous and at the price point, appeared to be well worth the money. Now, I wouldn’t even want to hang it on my wall. It’s so plain and vanilla. There is nothing fancy about it at all. AGAIN, for the price that’s all okay. I’m just being honest. However, this sword is fully functional, I wouldn’t doubt that it can take a lot of abuse. It works, came with a mediocre edge but can cut. The sword does not fit entirely into the sheath either. There is about a two mm gap one one side between the guard and top of sheath.

    All in all, VERY UGLY, very plain and vanilla, but is a functional sword. Is it worth buying? Yes!! Absolutely!!! I highly suggest you buy one. Don’t expect perfection, be sure you are okay with how plain it is!!

    I ordered the Windlass suontaka Viking sword today. I’m very excited to see how it compares to the Cold Steel Viking sword. In terms of looks, I already know the Windless will look ten times more amazing and gorgeous than the cold steel. But looks aren’t everything. Keep in mind the Windlass is only about 50 dollars more (maybe even less)

    Buy both!! Do not let my review prevent you from buying this cold steel!!! I honestly think its great! I have a feeling they are selling function over fit and finish. Which is great but I don’t use my swords. I’d like my sword to be useable but I’m never going to use them. So I prefer a decent balance. Looks matter to me. I’m looking for a sword that is visually appealing and functional at this price point. It may not exist!! However I am looking!! Wish me luck and I hope you end up buying this cold steel. You won’t regret it!

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