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Condor Dynasty Dadao Sword

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Originally an agricultural tool, the long-hilted Dadao with its powerful chopping blade was a favorite weapon of peasant militias. It found widespread acceptance by the military, and by the 20th century was the common sidearm and symbol of the Chinese army and police. Even a nationalist marching song, the Dadao March was composed to commemorate anti-Japanese resistance in Second Sino-Japanese War.

This utilitarian dadao has a thick-spined blade of sharpened high carbon steel. The tang is sandwiched and riveted between two wooden halves for a grip.

Overall Length32''
Blade Length21 1/2''
Weight3 lb 0.9 oz
Width32.8 mm - 93.9 mm - 84.8 mm
Thickness5.7 mm - 4 mm
P.O.B.4 lb 7/8''
Grip Length9''
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginEl Salvador

3 reviews for Condor Dynasty Dadao Sword

  1. Larry L.

    LL Truely an axe in sword form. chop, split, slice it does it all. Awesome materials good fit and finish at an affordable price point.

  2. Scott

    Condor Dadoa, good value While not being a truly accurate depiction of the Dadoa, this is a well made blade and a very reasonable price. A bit on the heavy side but makes a fine chopper. If someone is looking for a budget friendly and functional sword you really can’t go wrong with this. PS if anyone from KoA reads this please get someone else to do your youtube reviews as the person you have does absolutely nothing to make me want to purchase from you.

  3. Arran

    very nice for price Ordered this sword for 89.95 and first time ordering from this sight was not disappointed as I have been with many other online sellers before also arrived in 7 days. My only issue was the packaging it came very well wrapped but the sword and leather sheath where separately wrapped in paper very odd choice given the sheath is meant to protect both the sword and user when not being used almost cut my hand as I unwrapped it unsuspectingly other then that no issues with the blade its self cutting tests done on branches wood logs and plastic water bottles filled with water cut nice and clean with not rolling, chipping ,pitting or other damage done to the blade other then some minor to be expected cosmetic damage and scratching nothing that couldn’t be buffed or polished of if wanted . Handel is well constructed and not the most comfortable but certainly not uncomfortable ( I use leather gloves when doing all cutting tests ) very pleased with leather sheath as well dose not look like it will fall apart anytime soon and offers great protecting of blade and user . all in all a good buy -1 star only for unsafe packaging

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