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Coppergate Helmet – 14 Gauge Steel

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The Coppergate Helmet was recovered during excavations in the ancient walled city of York in 1982. Dating from the 8th century, the Anglo-Saxon helmet is of great archeological importance. Crafted in 14 gauge steel with a chainmail aventail, this reconstruction is fully wearable with a leather suspension and chinstrap.

Weight6 lb 8 oz
Gauge [14 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

4 reviews for Coppergate Helmet – 14 Gauge Steel

  1. Jeff w.

    A Good Helmet I’ve looked at this helmet for quite some time and finally purchased it recently. I’ve used it in some sparring sessions and in tournament fighting too and it’s construction is very solid. The look of the helmet is good,though not quite like the original find.Nevertheless, it looks nice and is a good enough representation of a period helmet. The mail aventail is composed of riveted links, which further adds to its period-enough appeal. Face protection is not complete,but decent. Visibility and breathing is perfect in the helmet. The only real issue is the nose piece. GDFB needs to angle it out away from the face like the original find, because this can make the helmet uncomfortable without adding/adjusting some padding to cause it to sit on the head in such a way as to give the nose some room. Furthermore, the nose piece is so re-enforced (normally a good thing) that the rest of the helmet will flex before any chance of angling out the nose piece. It will not budge. The nose guard is the only real problem, otherwise, this is a very good helmet in function and construction for a helmet representative of the period.Spar at your own risk as this is an “open face” helmet, but I am glad that I purchased the helmet.

  2. Louis L.

    A Solid Helm This is a very solidly constructed helmet and is visually impressive. Skallagrim on YouTube did a destructive test on this helmet and it took an extreme amount of punishment. It has a pretty good liner inside, but you will need an arming cap to prevent the leather thong at the crown of the liner from digging into your head after a few minutes. The only really major issue is that the nasal really leaves no room for the nose – you nose ends up crammed against it, and is not comfortable. I plan to try bending it outward more using a vice padded with leather on the jaws, and trying to bend it outward that way, but the nasal is the most heavily reinforced portion of the helmet, so this may not work. Otherwise, this helm is really quite good. The aventail is round ring riveted mail of about 16 gauge rings, and I found this was a very nice touch.

  3. SD1612

    I like this helmet, but holy cow is it big! I have probably a slightly more than average size head and this thing looks massive still.
    Really wish they had made this in an optional smaller size.
    Aside from that, it’s an impressive helmet, sturdy and detailed.

  4. TheodenRex

    I purchased this helm recently and could not be more pleased. I did have to adjust the nasal guard a bit as it originally compressed my nose uncomfortably, but that was corrected easily. The helm fits and looks terrific and is extremely well made. The authentic Latin inscription on the crown brass work is impressive. It is a fantastic addition to my collection.

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