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Dark Brown Viking Shoes

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These side-laced shoes, while specific to the Viking period, will nevertheless complement a wide range of medieval re-enactors costumes. Crafted by skilled cobblers, using the same techniques as their medieval counterparts, this footwear is hand-stitched and, with normal maintenance, will provide long service.

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2 reviews for Dark Brown Viking Shoes

  1. Cody M.

    Initial review Upon opening and wearing these on a short trek in the woods, I find these to be very comfortable and well built. Easy to slide onto your feet and the double-sided laces help to keep these shoes secure. Insoles are never a bad idea, as the flat bottomed sole may cause pain in the arches.
    I love the overall look and feel of these shoes and the kit possibilities with them.

    One nitpick is that the included laces are some synthetic material instead of a leather cord or something, nothing major, easily replaceable.


  2. Baron Cambell

    theyre not bad theyre ok and thats okay these shoes had what i was looking for in a “medieval” shoe, while not being the “authentic” historic shoe, some people may complain about, it is close enough as well as much more comfortable then “authentically” historic shoes, and i plan to be wearing these with a whole suit of armor fighting in tournaments through out the summer. some complaints i have are, my friend who is 6′ asked me, being, 5’2″, if they were my work shoes, and i feel the leather is a little thin, as well as the shoelaces where, well shoe laces ,which I replaced with a leather thong. lastly I felt it needed at least one more hole for the laces to go through, which i fixed with a leather hole punch. all in all a decent shoe for a good price, while not “authentic” its close enough.

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