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Darksword Armory – Arming Sword with Black Scabbard with Integrated Sword Belt

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The Arming Sword from Darksword Armory is based on an original 14th century English or French example which is now kept within the Wallace Collection. The blade is well-tempered and highly polished 5160 high carbon steel with a hollow ground cross section. The guard and pommel are steel and the grip is wood which is wrapped in tight leather. The blade tang is durably peened to the pommel for a durable construction. Included is a wood-core scabbard which is finished with a leather wrap, steel tip and an integrated sword belt of thick leather.

By the 14th C. the classical Medieval Knight’s sword took shape in the Arming Sword. Short for close quarter combat, light, and well balanced with a sharp taper and reinforced tip, the Arming Sword proved to be a devastating weapon again the developing full plated armor of the time. The heavily tapered blade gave the sword devastating stabbing force against plated armor, while retaining its destructive cutting edge. The sword came to be known as the “Arming Sword” because it formed part of the Medieval Knight’s standard equipment. By the 14th C, the Arming Sword became the weapon of choice for many knights of the English, French and German empires.



Overall Length39 1/4"`
Blade Length32 1/4"
Weight2 lbs 13.5 oz
Width47.2 mm
Thickness5.8 mm - 4.1 mm
P.O.B.5 1/2"
Grip Length4 1/2"
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ManufacturerDarksword Armory
Country of OriginCanada


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