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Darksword Armory – The Squire Sword – Brown

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The Squire Sword by Darksword Armory is an agile sword a blade of 5160 high carbon steel that has an edge hardness of 60 HRc and a core hardness of 50 Hrc. The guard and pommel are of steel and the wooden grip is bound in tight and well-fitted leather. A robust peen over the pommel anchors the sword tang into the hilt for an altogether tough construction. Included is a wood-core scabbard which is bound in leather and completed with a protective steel chape.

Arming swords were intended to be used with a single hand. As a result, these swords needed to be heavy enough to be effectively useful in combat, but light enough to move quickly and not be tiring for the wielder. For this purpose, the Squire is a perfect fit. Light and nimble, this sword is incredibly responsive and effortlessly flows from guard to cut and back again. While exquisite to handle, the Squire is strong enough to inflict considerable damage if used in combat. A far cry from the hefty two-handed swords wielded by armored and mounted knights, the Squire is the perfect sword for anyone who wants an agile, attractive sword that is just as battle ready as one twice its size.

Overall Length33 3/4"
Blade Length26 5/8"
Weight2 lbs 6 oz
Width44 mm
Thickness7.4 mm - 3.5 mm
P.O.B.4 1/4"
Grip Length4 5/8"
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ManufacturerDarksword Armory
Country of OriginCanada


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