This is a replica of the sword attributed to Edward, The Black Prince of England. Thought lost and stolen from Edwards tomb by none other than Oliver Cromwell, the sword was found in the 20th century and historical arms expert Ewart Oakeshott believed the patination matched Edwards other wargear and that markings identify its maker as a royal cutler.

The sword seems to match the reputation of the Black Prince. Noble in its bearing, yet utilitarian and deadly in appearance, this longswords long tapering blade is ideal for thrusting. Its blade retains the mass necessary along its length for devastating cuts, and the lengthy handle gives the hands the leverage needed to deliver powerful attacks.

The nickname Black Prince came either from his blackened steel armor, or from the dread his tactics put into his French foes. A convoluted figure, Edward is imbued with his twin legacies; that of being a re-igniting figure of chivalry who founded the Order of the Garter, (which exists to this day as one of the highest honors awarded by the British Monarchy), and that of a pragmatic tactician whose battle successes both legitimized his efforts and undermined his legacy.

Chivalry was considered to be in decline in his day, and his founding of the Order of the Garter was an Arthurian-esque move to bring knighthood back from Crusading obligations and into a patriotic realm of national knighthood. When he captured other nobles and knights, he treated them with the greatest courtesies. Victor of the battles of Crecy and Poitiers in the Hundred Years War, his chivalric image appears to have extended only towards other nobility, as he is famous for his cruel chevauchee raids that burned and pillaged French villages and countrysides. His record is marred by massacres of the lower class at Caen and Limoges and crippling taxation in Aquitaine. His pragmatism, however dark, did win victories and his supporters defend his reputation as being typical behavior towards the non-noble classes at the time. He gave extensive contributions to Canterbury Cathedral in his lifetime, and now resides there permanently.

This replica, by Darksword Armory is made from 5160 high carbon steel. The tang of the blade is fitted though the mild steel guard and pommel and peened for strength. The wooden handle is tightly wrapped and sewn with black leather. It comes with wood-core leather scabbard wrapped with form fitting, matching black leather.