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Darksword Henry V Sword with Integrated Scabbard Belt

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The Henry V sword is crafted with a blade of dual-tempered 5160 high carbon steel. The steel has been tempered to give it a harder edge of 60 HRC that will resist dulling and relatively softer core of 45-50 HRC that will allow the blade to flex. By giving the blade two hardnesses it optimizes both the edge and the core to fulfill their purposes. By comparison most swords are mono-tempered to have a single hardness throughout with a hardness that is a compromise between these values.

The pommel and crossguard are steel and the wooden grip has been wrapped with black leather. The swords companion scabbard is crafted from wood with an overlaid skin of black leather. The protective tip chape is steel and the scabbard is fitted with an integrated sword belt.

Described admirably by sword historian Ewart Oakeshott, the sword of Henry V is mere funerary object, but a magnificent fighting sword which comes to life in ones hand. One of the most beautiful medieval swords to handle I have ever known.

Darkswords replica must have captured some of this, at least in terms of handling characteristics, because this Henry V arming sword is a nimble and agile sword in the hand. Its tapered profile lends itself to thrusting – a fitting technique for dealing with the greater use of plate armor in the late Medieval Period. Despite this the blade retains enough width in its center of percussion area to allow for it to be a good cutting blade as well.

Overall Length35 5/8”
Blade Length27"
Weight2.4 LB
Width2 1/16"
Thickness6.9 mm - 2.5 mm
Guard Depth13/16"
P.O.B.25 1/4"
Grip Length4 3/4"
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDarksword Armory
Country of OriginCanada


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