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Darksword Messer – Black with integrated Scabbard Belt

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The German Grosse Messer has a reputation for being huge and imposing. This design is no exception. Grosse Messers (German for ”Great Knife”) look like scaled up versions of the classic ”Bowie” style hunting knife, and were commonly seen during the later parts of the 15th Century. Powerful chopping weapons, they were popular among both the rich and the poor, and at this had intricate decorations on the guard and pommel.

This version is based on a 15th Century design and features a hefty 30” blade of tempered, 1060 high carbon steel with partial fuller and false edge along the spine back of the tip. The guard and pommel are of steel. The distinctive riveted wood handle completes the swords look. Includes a wood scabbard with black leather wrap and steel accents. A simple sword belt of leather is integrated into the scabbard. It has no buckle, but is affixed by putting the two tails of the belt through two notches and then tying off the belt.

Overall Length30"
Blade Length21 5/8"
Weight2.95 LB
Width2 5/8"
Thickness3.6 mm - 2.4 mm
Guard Depth3"
P.O.B.18 1/4"
Grip Length6 1/8"
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDarksword Armory
Country of OriginCanada

1 review for Darksword Messer – Black with integrated Scabbard Belt

  1. Charles G.

    A beautiful and brutal short sword as insurance for defense. Over a thousand times I had to research which Gross Messer to accompany my Kriegsmesser. I am a HEMA swordsman and my heritage goes back 1373 from The Black Forest of Germany from city Baden-Baden. This sword is By my Side as I write this and I really love it. It is a combination of a Renaissance, Medieval, and Conan of Cimmeria into one package. So the swordsman who created this sword to request a smith at Darksword to forge it, is really is a dream come true! It is historical. I can buy a grossmesser at Albion, Lutel, Cold Steel or any other armorer, but this sword is the One.

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