The Darksword Oslo Viking Sword is an intricately styled Viking sword which is inspired by the remains of a 10th century Viking sword hilt with its elaborate Norse knotwork design. In relief detail the bronze and wood of the grip bear serpentine knotwork and these are paired with a blade of 5160 high carbon steel. The blade was differentially tempered to possess a hard HRc 60 edge and a softer, shock absorbing core of 50 Hrc.

The guard and pommel are cast from solid bronze and the grip is carved from ebony hardwood. The blade tang is anchored into the hilt with a peen over the pommel. Included with the sword is a wood-core scabbard which is wrapped in brown leather and fitted with a protective steel chape. An integrated sword belt of thick leather is woven into the scabbard to make it ready for wear.