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Dragon Fang – Damascus Knightly Sword

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This sword has a sharpened blade forged from folded and elaborately patterned damascus steel, as is the guard and pommel of this sword. The grip is polished hardwood. Included is a scabbard of stitched leather with an integrated belt loop and buttoned retaining strap.

The vibrant patterning of damascus steel is artfully created by a skilled smith folding two or more different steels into a single billet before hammering it into form – this process creates steel with an appearance like rippling water or burl wood.

Overall Length32 1/2''
Blade Length24 1/2''
Weight3 lb 1.9 oz
Width48.8 mm
Thickness3.9 mm - 4 mm
P.O.B.4 3/4''
Grip Length4 5/8''
Blade [Damascus Steel]
TypeArming Sword
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan

2 reviews for Dragon Fang – Damascus Knightly Sword

  1. William M.

    Beautiful sword, seems very well made This sword is absolutely stunning! It feels very sturdy and decently balanced. The only downfall is the scabbard. It is very tough to get the sword into and out of it. I have tried pulling it in and out quite a few times to possibly wear it in a bit but doesn’t seem to change.

  2. Alexander L. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous blade, but bad edge. The sword looks spectacular and feels quite well-built and sturdy, but it has issues cutting things, presumably due to an edge that’s not very sharp. Would likely need for pretty decent sharpening to cut well. But other than the sharpness issue, it’s a wonderful blade. It’s on the heavier side, but it works to wield with either one or both hands. The scabbard is also nice, attaches easily to a belt, and has a strap to keep the sword secure.

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