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DVD – Hurstwic Viking Combat and Training Volume 1 – Fundamentals of Viking Training

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For both the beginner or experienced practitioner of Viking martial heritage, this DVD is an introduction to the fundamentals of combat as practiced by the Vikings. At 75 minutes long, the DVD begins with a background on Viking history, culture and weapons, specifically highlighting the importance of weaponry in Viking culture.

The DVD then moves to the basics of combat: stance, movement, proper cutting technique and shieldwork – These are demonstrated with drills, exercises and training gear. The DVD then concludes with sparring combat. Volume 1 of this DVD series is intended to introduce and demonstrate the fundamental concepts necessary to create a foundation with which to study the martial arts of the Vikings.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Weapons of the Viking Age
Chapter 3: The Sagas of Icelanders and other sources
Chapter 4: Stance and Movement
Chapter 5: Cutting and Angles
Chapter 6: Padwork
Chapter 7: Shields
Chapter 8: Combining Sword and Shield
Chapter 9: Grappling
Chapter 10: Sparring
Chapter 11: Concluding Remarks
75 Minutes
NTSC widescreen video DVD-R
English-language stereo audio



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