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DVD – Hurstwic Viking Combat and Training Volume 3 – Fighting Moves from the Sagas

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Volume 3 of Hurstwic LLCs Viking Combat Training Series rounds out its Viking Combat training by highlighting examples of unique fighting moves and tactics used by Viking fighters as described in the Sagas to give them an edge in the fight – techniques that made them both feared and admired by those who faced them.

The DVD begins by putting Viking weapons and fighting techniques into context with the Viking sagas and society that produced them and the mindset of the Viking warrior in both battle and everyday life.

The DVD showcases 19 fighting moves from the Sagas, showcasing these techniques and demonstrating their use for your own study and practice. For each example, the contextual story of the saga from where the fighting move comes from is related. This DVD gives an insight into the fighting mind of the Viking and showcase how skilled and inventive these warriors could be in a fight.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Improvised Armor
Chapter 3: Thrusting with the Horn of an Axe
Chapter 4: Hooking a Shield
Chapter 5: Swapping Sword and Shield
Chapter 6: Peace Straps
Chapter 7: Throwing Stones
Chapter 8: Throwing Weapons
Chapter 9: Catching a Spear in Flight and Returning It
Chapter 10: Pulling the Nail from a Spear
Chapter 11: Sword on a Loop
Chapter 12: Reserve Weapons
Chapter 13: Run in to Grapple
Chapter 14: Klaufis Throw
Chapter 15: Refurs Throw
Chapter 16: Using a Wrestling Stone
Chapter 17: Throwing a Shield
Chapter 18: Using a Shield Two-Handed
Chapter 19: Kicking a Shield
Chapter 20: Using a Cloak for Defense
Chapter 21: Concluding Remarks
53 Minutes
NTSC widescreen video DVD-R
English-language stereo audio



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