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Fantasy Training Short Sword / Gladius

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This Fantasy short sword is entirely crafted from a robust, single piece of polypropylene. Its thick, rebated edges ward off damage from contact with similar sparring weapons, as well as keeping your sparring partner safe when compared to blunted steel blades.

Overall Length33 5/8''
Blade Length24 1/2''
Weight1 lb 1.5 oz
Width58.9 mm
Thickness15.3 mm - 11.6 mm
P.O.B.5 1/2''
Grip Length6 3/4''
Blade [Polypropylene]
Country of OriginTaiwan

4 reviews for Fantasy Training Short Sword / Gladius

  1. Caped Wonder

    Great designed and detailed sword for Wonder Woman cosplay project! I’m making a Wonder Woman costume for my girlfriend, and was looking for a great poly sword to compliment the costume. This sword fit the bill splendidly. I’ll be painting it silver and gold colors.

  2. Mikhail Reinholds

    Nice design, works well enough for price. I purchased this with the intention to use it. I used it for some very basic drills and some light sparring with some friends, overall it neither exceeds nor falls short of my expectations, over about 1.5 years the true edge got chewed up a little but that is likely is due to my own stupidity than with the sword. While this is good for a beginner, I would personally not recommend this sword I would suggest Rawlings or Purple Heart Armoury for real full contact sparring.

  3. Detective James Carter, LAPD

    Great Sword. Love the design, perfect for practice I use this sword a lot. Is really great. I got it as a gift from my grandmother a year ago (she knows that swords are cool) and, even though it is slightly bent, its still in remarkably good shape for how many times ive hit it against trees and stuff… I think it would work well as a real practice sword, but i wouldnt know, as i dont have a partner who is into getting bruised with a dense peice of plastic. If you want a gladius- esq double handed bastard sword, i recommend this…

  4. Shonen

    A pretty good training sword. It’s great for costume and practice, especially if your home has low ceilings that prevent you from practicing longsword. And while really good and durable, my main issue is the point of balance but give how light it already is it almost doesn’t matter

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