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Fencing Shirt – Black

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Epic Armourys Fencing Shirt is a loose roguish garment designed for comfort and style. Made from medium cotton, this shirt falls just under the hip and is fitted with a high collar with a v-neckline. Adjust the collar opening with a laced cotton cord through brass eyelets. The sleeves are designed to give a full, loose look associated with swashbucklers, pirates and musketeers. Tighten a cotton cord at the wrists to keep the fabric out of the way, made to easily fit inside a pair of gloves or gauntlets.

The style is classic late renaissance, but will match a wide variety of characters. Match with other Epic Armoury clothes and armours to create your personalized look.


Chest: 104cm (41 inches)
Sleeve: 55cm (21.75 inches)
Length:69cm (27 inches)

Small / Medium
Chest: 116,8cm (46 inches)
Sleeve: 58,4cm (23 inches)
Length: 63,5cm (25,5 inches)

Chest: 119cm (47 inches)
Sleeve: 56cm (22 inches)
Length: 69cm (27 inches)

Chest: 125cm (49 inches)
Sleeve: 58cm (22.75 inches)
Length: 71cm (28 inches)

Large / Extra-Large
Chest: 150cm (59 inches)
Sleeve: 63,5cm (25 inches)
Length: 73,7cm (29,5 inches)

Chest: 132cm (52 inches)
Sleeve: 60cm (23.5 inches)
Length: 71cm (28 inches)

Chest: 150cm (59 inches)
Sleeve: 148cm (58 inches)
Length: 124cm (49 inches)

ManufacturerEpic Armoury
Country of OriginIndia


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