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Game of Thrones – Ice, The Sword of Eddard Stark

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Elegantly austere, Ice is a sword for a stoic Lord with the heart of a Warrior. This weighty blade ever reminds its wielder of the severity of his duties, and its wide blade ensures that a single strike ends the foe foolish enough to have put himself in opposition of the man who swings it. It could easily cut a man in two…or remove a head on the execution block with a decisive, fell swoop. It is a fitting sword for the Stark family, and especially the honor-bound Lord Eddard Stark. An imposing blade, humble in design, yet grand in dimension and worthy of the honor afforded it. Does the blade fit the man? Or the man fit himself to the blade? A perfect sword for the brooding Lord Eddard Stark – A sword to weather the Winter.

This officially licensed Game of Thrones replica of Ice has a blade of high carbon 1060 steel. The blade is etched with its production number at the base of the blade. The crossguard is of antique-finished steel and the pommel and crossguard ends are of antiqued brass. The grip is of red ebony hardwood.

The sword comes with a Silkscreened wood plaque with the Dire Wolf Sigil of House Stark upon it. Mounting hardware is included. A certificate of authenticity is included.

Overall Length57''
Blade Length42 1/8''
Weight8 lb 9.9 oz
Width75.1 mm
Thickness5.7 mm - 5.6 mm
P.O.B.8 1/2''
Grip Length10 1/2''
Blade [1060 High Carbon Steel]
CultureGame Of Thrones, Movies, TV, Video Games
ManufacturerValyrian Steel
Country of OriginChina

3 reviews for Game of Thrones – Ice, The Sword of Eddard Stark

  1. Eduard

    Just as you would expect; only impressive. Pleased to say this beauty shipped quite fast and that there were no problems with the local customs.
    The sword is a masterpiece, and corresponds to the level of detail and perfection (debatable term here, better say beauty) as shown on koa’s website. Ice is elegantly massive, while feeling tenderly beautiful at the same time. A joy to gaze upon it.


    AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL Is impressive, well made and a beauty! She is the second Game of Thrones sword in my home, the other is Longclaw with scabbard, a masterpiece and a beautiful sword, too. Very happy with the two wonderful G.o.T. swords !!!!!

  3. Sam P.

    Bittersweet… My first impression when I got this sword out of the box was very positive. The size and weight and look were all very impressive for the price, and I was excited to have my favorite sword from GoT in hand. However, upon second inspection, a whole host of issues presented themselves. The blade was not straight, but bent off to the side. the top of the crossguard wasn’t ground evenly which forced the grip to sit crooked. The Pommel and crossguard decorations were not real brass, but some other silver-colored metal with a faux brass finish. I ended up taking the hilt apart to try to fix the bend in the blade and the crooked grip, and found out that instead of a full tang, there was only a partial tang with a barely-attached 4″ long threaded rat tail. I don’t fault Kult of Athena for that since they didn’t advertise this sword as being full tang, but the manufacturer’s website clearly says this sword is of full tang construction which is simply not true.

    This sword isn’t meant to be used for cutting, but I really was surprised at the poor quality control on this product, and disappointed by the cost-cutting measures employed by the manufacturer. I just wish another company with higher quality standards had the Game of Thrones License.

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