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German Halberd Head

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This German Halberd replicates a circa-1500 A.D. museum piece. It is unsharpened. It is supplied as a head only – 1-1/4” dia. ash shafts (OX005) are available separately.

Overall Length33 1/2''
Blade Length9 1/4''
Weight2 lb 13.2 oz
Width9 1/8''
DimensionsTop Spike Length: 9 1/4''
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for German Halberd Head

  1. Sam

    German Halberd Got one of these for Christmas a few years back… very affordable, looks like historical examples, and all in all… A good piece. I actually cracked my by hammering the steel in one spot… I was trying to fit it on the shaft better.. But so far it hasn’t broken anymore. So it’s fine. XD Just don’t mess with it too much and it’ll hold up. They work great for reenactments.

  2. Brandon

    plenty fun with work I purchased this off a different website (Dont bother looking elsewhere, this website has them the cheapest!) under the impression that it was a sharpened version, but turns well out none of these are sharp and you need to do that yourself, which ive done a decent job of. mine came slightly bent but this was fixed by setting it between some heavy objects and let it straighten out just a little (Though i doubt they’ll send you a damaged product here)
    Anyways once that was taken care of and i got it on a pole i secured it in with some metal screws. wraped some tassels on it and it was ready to go, it used to be about 7 or 8 feet long but i cut mine down to be around 6’5 – 6’8. It seems to be very decently strong, Ive abused it a few times and no cracks or damage, ive hit things with the axe which i still need to work on sharpening apparently, and the Spike which is the main weapon ive put through many things, starting with milk jugs, to plastic bins, an old 90s computer with a metal case, and then the strongest thing a Microwave. might not have gone all the way through the microwave but it stuck in and caused no damage. Im not saying its indestructible it definitely has its limits, but so long as you dont drive it into a concrete wall it should be fine :)

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