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Hanwei Banshee Cutting Sword

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Bred in the jungles of Asia, our Banshee sword has its origins in the Thai Krabi and its close cousin, the Burmese Dah. Extremely strong and very quick, the Banshee is a cutting sword first and last, with a slightly weight-forward balance for slashing through jungle growth with ease. The sharpened high-carbon steel blade is heat treated for optimum shock absorption and edge retention, and the spiral-wrapped black leather grip provides excellent handling qualities. The sword comes equipped with a high-retention locking mechanism for safety. The wooden scabbard is finished in matte black, with side rings designed to allow a number of carrying options. A imitation leather shoulder strap is included.

Overall Length36''
Blade Length21''
Weight1 lb 12 oz
Width30.3 mm - 35.4 mm
Thickness6.1 mm - 3.6 mm
P.O.B.2 3/4''
Grip Length9 7/8''
Blade [1566 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginChina

Hanwei Banshee Review Featuring Matthew Jensen!

6 reviews for Hanwei Banshee Cutting Sword

  1. M. J.

    Great fashioned Hanwei Wonderfully designed Hanwei Sword with great sheath and a beautiful shaped blade.

  2. T.R.P

    BEAST When I ordered I received a damaged sheath (probably from shipping), sent it back got a new one with in 2 days! Sword is heavy duty, good balance, a little front heavy which makes it great for taking out targets. Overall Lightweight, comfortable handle, decently sharp, I do like the button on the hilt which keeps the sword in the scabbard while movie through brush or being a silent assassin LOL. Chopped through a fresh tree limb 3″ thick with one hand and the cut was CLEAN! Highly Recommend for a first sword or a durable blade!! Thanks KOA!

  3. Frank Campbell

    Best sword i have owned Owned this sword for 3 years now and never had a problem with great cutter chopped a few saplings with it in one swing no damage to the blade at all the locking mechanism is a great add on the straps broke didn’t care as I was going to replace it with paracord anyways did the same,with the handle,for a better grip when ever I go on walks in the woods I always have it on my belt

  4. Kirk

    Love it, done right Love mine…get this and a condor Tactana.

  5. Sash

    brave little sword I am truly amazed with this little fellow. it is fast and it cuts without fear. ok, handle dont rally need to be round and I have no idea what is “blood grove” there for, but as it is, it works wonderfuly and I did not see any signs of wear on the edge even I cut some pretty hard wood saplings

  6. Matt (verified owner)

    This sword is fun and practical. I use it for brush-clearing all the time now. The handle tapers perfectly and doesn’t slip in your hand. The weight distribution makes swinging the blade effortless—front-forward to easily gain momentum but light enough to manipulate direction like it was an extension of your arm. The blade comes extremely sharp and can be readily made even sharper. The only issue I’ve had is a very small chip from a bad swing (sparked it off a large hidden rock beneath some branches and leaves), but the damage was easy to fix. Lastly, I love the locking mechanism—clicks to secure and engages to open perfectly. This is definitely no wall-hanger.

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