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Hanwei Francesca Axe – Antiqued

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The Francesca or Francisca throwing axe was used by the Franks of the Merovingian dynasty between the 5th and 8th centuries. This type of axe was used for both close combat and as a short range missile. At the time the Franks were well known for their weapon smiths and exported all types of weapons all over Europe. The Paul Chen Francesca axe features an antiqued carbon steel head on a hard wood shaft.

Overall Length18 1/4''
Blade Length3 1/2''
Weight1 lb 1 oz
Dimensions1 3/8'' x 7/8''
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginChina

3 reviews for Hanwei Francesca Axe – Antiqued

  1. Steve

    Hanwei Francesca Ax I purchased this ax after acquiring a couple of ancient Francesca type ax heads. They are both larger and much heavier than this one. I can picture them splitting helmets and shields with ease. I wanted to hold a complete one in my hand.
    I was initially disappointed with how light this one is, no splitting helmets with it, but after some time holding and swinging it I came to appreciate how long it could be wielded if necessary.
    The overall quality is excellent. It has not had to cut anything yet so I cannot say how well it will hold up but for a mostly wall hanger you can’t do much better.

  2. Rick M.

    REAL Fighting/Throwing/Close-Quarter Combat Axe At first glance, the haft on this looks a bit thin and “wimpy”, but don’t be fooled… This is a solid weapon. As soon as I got this, I wrapped about a third of the handle with leather tennis racquet grip. (Though plain leather strips or cloth tape would work as well.) That done, the grip was very comfortable and secure.
    Swinging this axe is almost effortless, and throwing it is a breeze. It doesn’t fly like a tomahawk, but then it isn’t a tomahawk in the first place. Once you get the hang of it (took me about a dozen throws and I was sticking it consistently. The real fun however is using this as a hand to hand weapon. (Not that I really fought anybody.)
    I took to my pell with this and every strike bit hard. The curved handle really amplifies the force of a strike, and after wrapping the grip to absorb some shock, this could be swung all day and hit after hit, you could keep on striking.
    Although this is a weapon associated with Frankish warriors, axes of this type were exported by Frankish traders all across Europe. It’s easy to see how this type of weapon would be so widely used. The shape of the head makes it able to hook opponent’s shields, knees, ankles or necks. Super all-around weapon!
    The leather snap-on cover allows this to be safely carried on a belt or through a rind type frog.
    For the price, outstanding utility and quality… this gets all five stars.

  3. T.F

    Cool design The design of the axe is quite nice. After mild throwing use the head loosened, and the tip on the top side of the axe ended up rolling over. I secured the axe head and worked out the roll. It is quite light, and a fun fighting axe as it is quite agile in the hand (which is impressive for a non graceful weapon type).

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