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Hanwei Rondel Dagger

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Introduced in response to many requests, the Hanwei Rondel Dagger is typical of the widely-used sidearm of the late middle ages. Carried by a wide section of the populace, from tradesmen to fully-armoured knights, the Rondel enjoyed a long service life. Our version is both attractive and functional. The stiff T-section blade is edged and crafted in 5160 high-carbon steel, with a hardwood handle. All fittings, including the octagonal guard and pommel, are in steel and the leather-covered wooden sheath complements the dagger perfectly. The Rondel will appeal to collectors and living history participants alike.

2 reviews for Hanwei Rondel Dagger

  1. Michael C.

    Hanwei Rondel dagger First off I was more than pleasantly surprised at the quality of this knife.The fittings and finish are beautiful.To some it may seem on the short side but for me it was perfect for referencing where the tip of the blade will be.The blade has a needle sharp tip and is sharpened the whole length of the cutting edge.The re-enforced tip is masterfully shaped.If you have massive hands the grip could seem too small.Mine are medium size and it’s perfect.The blade, I could imagine would be a real rib spreader! Great knife.If you like rondel style daggers you wont be disappointed.

  2. Rick Miller (verified owner)

    VERY well made and handsome dagger! I had always liked this style of dagger (Rondel) but I never had any armor that would be fitting to pair with this style of weapon. Now that I have a suitable helm of the period and enough armor suited for a 14th Century man-at-arms, I wanted a solid, functional and not-too-flashy dagger of the period. This dagger is a great choice for such a kit!
    I was very pleased with the fit and finish of the dagger itself, which is truly solid, especially the configuration of the Rondels and the solid peen. The blade is excellent and came very sharp. The profile of the blade is extremely solid with a well shaped and heavily reinforced point, perfect for breaking the rivets of chain mail under the gaps and joints of plate armor. The entire blade is extremely stiff die to the wide spine profile running almost the entire length of the blade. Though the spine of the blade is wide, there is enough taper to the profile to allow the point to driven into gaps in the plate armor or the narrow visor of a period helm. Either as a deadly weapon in the heat of battle or as a Misericorde putting a warrior out of his misery, it is clear that this dagger was purpose built to kill efficiently.
    A fine dagger should be kept in a fine sheath, and Hanwei came through again on the wood-core leather and steel sheath. The dagger and sheath seem perfect for professional man at arms or even a “get down to business” knight who values utility over looks. The sheath has a steel throat and and chape done in the same fashion as the rondels on the dagger, which is well done and simple. To be honest, the unadorned and functional design of the dagger seems makes the weapon look very deadly!
    This is really an exceptional historic dagger that is totally functional. Really a Five Star example.

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