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Iron Tiger Forge – Antiqued Bushi Tachi Sword

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This Katana is mounted in a traditional Tachi style mounting which is lavishly embellished with scenes of Bushi Samurai warriors amid an antiqued koshirae setting which altogether creates a unique and dignified sword which can be an ideal centerpiece for a Japan themed collection whilst remaining a fully functional Katana. The blade is hand-forged and well tempered folded steel that was created when the skilled bladesmith hammered and melded 1065 and 1045 high carbon steel together into a single blade billet which was then pounded into form. The result is a blade with thousands of internal steel layers which blend hard and soft steel together to create a wear and dull resistant composite with desired resiliency and shock absorption. A fine finishing blade polish reveals the ripple-like patterning created by this process throughout the blade. The sword was also differentially-tempered with the traditional clay tempering technique to imbue its edge with a hardened steel and a genuine hamon.

The blade is durably mounted into a hilt crafted from antiqued brass with intricate detailing picked out in genuine silver and brass. The sword is matched with a saya scabbard which is lined with wood on the inside and its exterior is crafted from antiqued brass and detailing to match the sword hilt. A hanging cord completes the scabbard. Included with the Sword and Saya is a brocade bound display and gift box, a wood-boxed traditional Japanese sword maintenance kit with its own dedicated slot in the display box and a cloth sword bag.

Overall Length41"
Blade Length28 3/4"
Weight2 lbs 10.6 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width31.2 mm
Thickness7.1 mm - 4.8 mm
P.O.B.3 3/4"
Grip Length11 1/2" (Including Pommel)
Blade [Folded 1065 and 1045 High Carbon Steel]
ManufacturerIron Tiger Forge
Country of OriginChina


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