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This reproduction of a Katzbalger arming sword by Kingston Arms has a sharpened, triple-fullered blade forged from 5160 high carbon steel. Its well-detailed hilt is crafted from antique-finished stainless steel. The grip is a section of polished wood accompanied by a flaring pommel. The sword is paired with a wood core scabbard which is bound in well-stitched leather with a protective chape of stainless steel.

The iconic sidearm of the ostentatious Renaissance Landesknecht mercenaries, the Katzbalger was purpose-designed for a close-in melee between entwined pike and halberd formations. This example by Dragon King is responsive and agile with a broad blade which will chop and hack with great efficiency. The blade profile is tapered just enough to make it a capable thrusting sword as well. A large S-guard affords a wide plane of protection to the hand and forearm without adding excessive weight.

The Katzbalger seems to be designed with two expectations in mind: that it needs to be short enough to be used in close quarters combat and that it be wide-bladed with a robust blade and guard. The Landesknechts and their classic foes, the Swiss mercenaries, fought in close formation with pike and halberd. Should formations become entwined or lighter soldiers get in close to break up the formation in a flank, the Landesknecht could well find his primary pike, halberd or greatsword to be too long. He could drop it to draw the Katzbalger to ensure he was not outclassed in a close-in fight.

The broad blade certainly makes it a fierce chopper, but it also gives it durability and some mass to aid in deflecting or resisting larger weapons in a bind, which he might encounter from foes striking at a distance from behind a closer adversary in a tight fighting formation. The S guards on many Katzbalger are also notably thicker than the side rings on most rings on European sword hilts – perhaps this is an accommodation designed to resist powerful blows from larger weapons.

Overall Length31 5/16''
Blade Length25 7/16''
Weight2 lb 13.9 oz
Width43.2 mm
Thickness4.8 mm - 3.1 mm
P.O.B.2 1/8''
Grip LengthWood Section of Grip: 1 1/2''<br />Usuable Length of Grip with Elongated Pommel: Approximately 4 7/8''
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerKingston Arms
Country of OriginChina

3 reviews for Katzbalger

  1. James Whitworth

    Another Awesome Kingston Arms Sword So this is my second Kingston Arms sword. In my opinion the KA line from CAS Iberia isone of the best values out there.

    The fit and finish is great and the fittings are solid. I also like that it has an actual hex nut instead of a threaded pomel or decoration nut. The edge has no secondary bevel and the blade has a nice distil taper. Also the sword is fairly light with a heavy pomel giving it a good POB and make it very weildable. It’s also worth noting that the blade is the right size for a katzbalger, unlike many other options out there that are much to large.

    The sword also came with a nice wood core scabbard. Although it’s worth noting the color of the leather on the scabbard is much lighter than in the images. It’s more like khaki tan. Luckily for me I’m a leather craftsman. So after some russet dye, leather conditioner, and leather finish; I got it to match the wood in the hilt perfectly.

    Overall I’m very pleased and would highly recommend this sword for anyone wanting a Katzbalger style blade. Keep em cuming. BTW I’d love a quality kriegsmesser.

  2. Luke

    Katzbalger First time buying from this manufacturer. For the price, it is a wonderful sword. My only qualm would be that the small “wooden” piece in the grip is in fact made of a dark resin. Probably more resilient to wear and tear but I prefer historical accuracy! Overall, it is well made and I enjoy it very much. Definitely can see the usefulness of such a sword in close combat. It said Made in China on a tag when it came in the box, hence the affordable price I figure.

  3. zspartancats (verified owner)

    First and foremost, the blade has a small warp in the middle of the blade. It is minor enough to only be seen on closer inspection. It doesn’t affect the performance of the sword. It isn’t worth going through the hassle of getting a replacement or getting a refund for this minor warp. Still, I can’t rate this sword a 5/5 because of this minor issue.

    The sword itself has a nice fit and finish. The small little accents are a nice touch. Holding the hilt is pleasant, no pinching or rough spots. The pommel flairs out and rests against the bottom of your palm. This helps secure the sword as you swing it. I don’t notice any twisting or slipping of the sword as I swing it.

    The scabbard is tight and there is no rattling. Its a simple scabbard but well built. I don’t notice any staining or discoloration on the leather.

    Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. This sword will be an excellent addition in my collection.

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