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Kult of Athena T Shirt – Owl of Athena

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Our Kult of Athena logo T-Shirt is emblazoned with Bubo – the Owl of Athena and his image here is reproduced from ancient Athenian Tetradrachm coins. Shirt is 100% cotton.

Athena; Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Courage, Civilization and Justice, of Artisanal Skill and Strategic Warfare. The patron Goddess of Athens and her virtues were often represented with the Owl, for its ability to pierce through the gloam of night allows it the vision and perception to see well beyond those who are blinded by the darkness around them. In Athena the Athenians saw the virtues they sought to aspire to, and commemorated her by painting the Owl into their pottery and vases, and would even mint the unblinking and ever-vigilant Owl into their coinage.

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