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Large Leaf Blade Spear Head

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The Large Leaf Blade Spear Head is made of solid carbon steel. Ready to be attached to the staff of your choice. Socket is 1 1/8” across.

4 reviews for Large Leaf Blade Spear Head

  1. Larry L.

    LL This is a great spearhead. Exactly what I wanted and it took a nice edge easily.

  2. Bryan

    Good spear head, well worth the price I own two of these spear heads, I traded for a MUCH older version around 10 years ago and bought one directly from MLR 6-7 years ago when they put them up as a deal of the week, or something like that. Both are good solid heads (islf somewhat weighty) and look nice, their only real downfall is the ahistorical appearance. At first glance it can pass for a large bladed Celtic spear, however, it lacks a midrib, which makes it unacceptable for hard core reenacting. If it wasn’t for the ahistorical appearance it would be a 5 star head.

  3. Derek

    Designed Functionally The reason I am not giving full stars is because around the base of the blade there are two small pits in the metal. Doesn’t bother me any, just something to keep in mind before buying.

  4. John Pavy (verified owner)

    Wow! Most impressed with the edge! Have not yet done any serious test-cutting, but it will definitely cut! A strong shaft and a good hewing spear it shall make!

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