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Leather Covered Buckler – 12 inch- 14 Gauge Steel

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This heavy duty buckler is made of thick 14 gauge steel with rolled edge and a central boss. The front is faced with a light tan leather, while the back features a sturdy steel grip.

Please Note: The color of the leather facing can vary from cream to brown and the range of colors in between.

Weight3 lb 8 oz
Gauge [14 Gauge]
Dimensions11 3/4'' x 11 3/4''
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Leather Covered Buckler – 12 inch- 14 Gauge Steel

  1. dsobodash

    “Sturdy steel grip” not so sturdy Bought this buckler and only got to use it once. On the first punch the “sturdy” steel grip collapsed to one side.

    I bent it back out, but the steel was already so week that the grip folded again in the next blow from a sword. It looks badly twisted now, and repeated attempts to straighten it out guarantee it will snap off.

    It may be possible to cut the grip off and replace it with some kind of an oak dowel if I drill out the rivets. The front of the shield is solid like a tank, so that might be the way to go for continued use.

    Nevertheless, disappointing quality for a product that advertises the strength of its grip. Seen better grips on cheaper bucklers.

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