The Double Dragon Sui Dao by LK Chen is inspired by a magnificent Sui Dynasty (581-618) Dao which has been in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of New York for over 90 years. In following classic Han Dao tradition the Sui Dao has a ring pommel which is richly detailed with two dragons chasing a flaming pearl; a symbol which was the preserve of the Royal court and its officials.

The blade of this straight-bladed Dao is stiff with a thickened spine; a design intended to give it considerable piercing power against the armor of the time. The skillful bladesmith forged the blade by melding and folding 1065 and T8 high carbon steel into a single blade; its tempered hardness is 58 HRc. The guard, pommel and blade collar are finely cast from brass and the grip is robust ebony wood.

The scabbard is of carved and polished Rosewood and its brass fittings take their design and function from contemporary Iranian swords which belie the influence of the Silk Road in this period. This double-ring setting for the scabbard allows for the sword to be worn horizontally, making it ideal for the horse-mounted warrior and a nod to the importance of heavy cavalry.