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LK Chen – Ming Imperial Guard’s Chang Dao

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During the Ming Dynasty there was a substantial trade between China and Japan and swords were a favored trade item and both cultures greatly influenced each other in regards to their weapon making. Japanese swords had great influence in Chinese military weapons at this time both from this trade, and also from Chinese contact and combat with the fierce Japanese Wokou Pirate enclaves on the Chinese coast.  The Chang Dao (Long Saber) also known as Dan Dao (Single/Sole saber) was the Chinese adaptation of the Japanese No-Dachi

The Imperial Guard Chang Dao is a formidable double hand sword. These excellent swords were provided to the Imperial Guards and for a time served as a stand by weapon for the musket units. This reproduction is based on a rare original with a long blade which was paired with a long hilt which allowed for it to deliver exceptionally powerful cutting strikes. A sword such as this would have excelled in both an anti-cavalry role, as well as functioning as a particularly intimidating and powerful sword ideal for a elite regiments who can fully utilize its power in shock tactics to shatter lesser foes.

The sharp blade of this Chang Dao is forged from 60Si2MnA high carbon spring steel which is well tempered to a hardness of 54-55 HRc. The influence from the No-Dachi or Katana of Japan is immediately evident in the wedge-shaped cross section of the blade which features a thick and rigid blade spine with a long, angled plane which terminates in an acute edge – an ideal shape for biting into and widely separating a target as the blade passes through it. The elaborately styled and well-cast guard of antiqued stainless steel is matched with a grip collar and pommel on the hilt. The grip is fashioned from wood which is overlaid in bold red cord. The long tang of the blade extends through the whole length of the grip and the tang is anchored into the hilt with a peen over the pommel and a pair of  hidden wooden pins that firmly affix the tang to the wooden grip.

The sword is matched with a well carved and smoothly polished scabbard of fine Rosewood which is paired with a locket and chape of darkened metal. Included is a silk cloth sword bag for storage and transport.


Overall Length64 1/4"
Blade Length41 1/8"
Weight4 lbs 4.2 oz
Width38.8 mm
Thickness8 mm - 3.3 mm
PommelPeened / Pinned
P.O.B.4 1/4"
Grip Length20 1/8"
Blade [GB 60Si2MnA High Carbon Manganese Spring Steel]
ManufacturerLk Chen
Country of OriginChina

Row cut test of Royal forest army Dao,Tang Zhan Ma Dao,Double peaks Liao Dao御林军大刀、唐斩马刀、辽刀排斩

1 review for LK Chen – Ming Imperial Guard’s Chang Dao

  1. Eric Vigen (verified owner)

    KOA service and packaging excellent as usual. Wondered if I really wanted to push the button and get this one. Glad I did. This piece is a mind blower. Very well done by LK Chen. The scabbard is a loose fit. Not a real problem but not like a quality Katana. The fit and finish is excellent. Definitely have to be careful indoors due to the length. It does handle well though and I would highly recommend it.

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