The Palatial Tang Dao from LK Chen reproduces the finer Dao that would have been the mastercrafted sidearms of imperial palace guards and Tang court officials. Very few of these survive because it was expressly forbidden to use these Dao for funerary purposes as they were considered a critical military resource. A few are preserved in Japan from Japanese delegates who brought them back from China as treasured goods. The sword is well-proportioned for use on foot and horseback alike.

The chisel-tipped blade is forged from 1065 High Carbon steel coupled with T9 steel which was folded together into a single layered blade. The sharpened blade was clay-tempered to give it a hardened steel edge and a softer, shock absorbing spine and its fine polish brings out its dignified straight hamon and the rippled patterning created from the melding and folding of the two steels. The blade has a thick and stiffened spine for durability and to optimize its thrusting ability. The chiseled tip ensures that it can puncture with deft ease.

The brass-cast fittings of the hilt are reproduced from a rare original from a private collection. It is paired with a handsomely polished grip of Rosewood and finished with a wrist lanyard. The sword is matched with a companion scabbard of smooth Rosewood and brass furniture.