The Soaring Sky Jian blends the regal 8-sided blade geometry typical of the Chu Jian with with the long and thin blade profile more akin to the Han Dynasty Jian. It is in fact a 1:1 reproduction of a rare Han Dynasty original and its blending of Chu and Han Jian elements showcase it as a transition sword, a bridge between the two styles. These would have been considered masterful works of their time and surviving examples largely come from the tombs of royal family members and senior court officials.

The sharpened blade is forged from 1065 high carbon steel which was folded with T8 tool steel and its fine finishing polish shows the vibrant wood-grain patterning created by this skillful blending of steels by the bladesmith. It has a tempered hardness of 54-55 HRc and the blade strides a excellent balance between flexibility and rigidity. The sword is well-suited for cutting and thrusting alike and though intended for one-handed use the grip has ample room for a second hand. The guard and pommel are finely cast brass and the wood grip is bound in tight cord for a secure and comfortable grip.

A scabbard of glossy black lacquer over wood is paired with the sword and it is embellished with checkered patterning and Han swirling cloud motif design. The scabbard chape and secured suspension slide are of cast brass.