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LK Chen – Tang Zhan Ma Dao

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LK Chen’s double-handed Tang Dao sword is based on a rare surviving example from Sichuan province; this very large Tang Dynasty (618 – 970 AD) military sword would have been an imposing prospect on the battlefield and in capable hands it would have posed a great threat to cavalrymen and foot soldiers alike. The Tang Chinese by this time were masters of metallurgy and swordsmithing and were able to create large, high quality blades in numbers that were without equal elsewhere and this Dao was able to deliver very powerful cuts and slices. The blade has a thick spine which gives the blade excellent rigidity and ensures that its tip is surprisingly capable piercing weapon as well. The grip is quite long and gives the bearer plenty of leverage for wielding this Chinese great sword.

The blade is forged from GB 60Si2MnA High Carbon Manganese Spring Steel which is well tempered and sharpened. This steel has properties similar to 5160 high carbon steel and has a final hardness of 56-58 HRc. The crossguard and pommel are of sturdy antiqued steel and the grip is of wood which is bound in black cord. Included with the sword is a sheath of stitched faux leather.

Please Note: The grip wrap can shift with use – if you wish to “seize” the grip wrap into place you can search for information and tutorials that involve using a thinned / watered down mix of clear lacquer which after being painted and infused on cord will dry, harden and aid in minimizing any shifting of the grip wrap. Before undertaking such an effort be sure to do proper research and preparation to ensure you are using appropriate methods and materials and to ensure. It is always a good idea to experiment on a small area before committing to finishing the whole grip. Please be aware that attempting modifications such as this does void the standard return police of the item and modifying an item does disqualify a standard return policy.

Overall Length58 1/4"
Blade Length35"
Weight4 lbs 9 oz
Width40.5 mm
Thickness8.6 mm - 4.8 mm
PommelIntegrated and Pinned
P.O.B.3 7/8"
Grip Length20 1/2'"
Blade [GB 60Si2MnA High Carbon Manganese Spring Steel]
ManufacturerLk Chen
Country of OriginChina

Ascending double cuts with the Tang Zhan Ma Dao from LK Chen Swords

2 reviews for LK Chen – Tang Zhan Ma Dao

  1. Jared Pelletier

    I own this Dao and it is a Tank. Also a super workout it quickly became one of my favorite LK Chen sword after the Silver Swallow Miao Dao. I Bought this directly off LK Chen for full disclosure.

  2. Eric Vigen (verified owner)

    Impressive is not enough to describe this sword. Very well made and came quite sharp. This one though it is huge can be easily handled thanks to the long handle. The tanto/chisel tip is very nice and could be used for devastating thrusts. Very solid. The note about the cord wrap on the handle is right as there is a bit of sliding. Not really bad yet so haven’t used lacquer to coat the wrap. KOA packaged it very well and it came in perfect condition. Highly recommend this one. Not as many video reviews out there, LK does have a few featuring this sword. Somehow think he kinda likes this one,

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