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Lockwood Swords – Custom Sword Scabbard No.7

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Usually Ships in About 12-18 Months

Purchasing this item option will include a customized wood-core scabbard and sword belt (in the style presented) for any sword to your order. The scabbard will be custom-built to fit your sword by Stephan Lockwood. Additionally the scabbard and belt leather will be dyed to your chosen color preferences.

It is required that this scabbard be purchased with the sword it is intended for with your order – this is because the scabbard must be made to fit the individual sword to ensure a good and tight fit.

This custom scabbard can not only be made for any of Lockwoods own line of swords, but Mr. Lockwood can also craft this style of scabbard style to match other swords by other manufacturers. Swords with blades longer than 38 will need to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

These scabbards are well-fitted wood-core scabbards encased within a protective skin of tightly fitted and stitched dyed leather. A trio of metal-buckled anchor points are integrated to the scabbard to allow it to be melded with the included sword belt. The tip of the scabbard is capped with a metal protective chape.

The sword belt is made from durable leather; it can both be adjusted to fit the waist and its sword hanger can be adjusted to control the distance and angle by which the scabbard fits in relation to the belt. It is intentional that the hanger has two straps but the scabbard has three buckled fitting points – your choice of which two to use control how far forward and at what angle you wish the scabbard to hang.

Important Ordering Info:
Please select from the list of colors available the two colors you wish your scabbard and belt to be customized with. Choose one for the scabbard and another for the belt.

Please clearly specify your selection in the Special Instructions text box field in the shopping cart on checkout.

Please also specify which sword you wish to have this scabbard tailor-made to fit. Swords with blades that measure greater than 38 in length will have to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Feel free to contact us should you have clarifying questions. You can use the email address at the bottom of the site.

Available Scabbard and Belt Colors:
Antiqued Brown      Antiqued Green            Antiqued Red      Antiqued Tan      

Black      Chestnut Brown      Cocoa Brown      Dark Blue      Dark Purple      

Golden Tan      Light Brown      Oxblood      Regal Red      Rust      Tan


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