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Ninja Bokken

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The Ninja bokken is an ideal practice sword to safely practice your sword skills while protecting yourself and partners. Constructed from hardwood and includes two piece handguard.

Overall Length34 1/2''
Blade Length24 1/4''
Weight1 lb 2 oz
Country of OriginChina

2 reviews for Ninja Bokken

  1. Luke

    Brought a pair to a class. About half way through class one broke in half during drilling.
    The other was fine. For the price I’m not complaining, but I will be looking something different in the future.

  2. James Mueller (verified owner)

    Bought this and brought it to training. I was using it instead of a regular bokken while my opponent was practicing bo drills. I could instantly hear and feel that the ninja-to was not going to hold up to the impacts of the bo. It sounded almost hollow, and I could feel that it was not dense at all. I switched to another weapon because i knew the ninja-to would break if I didn’t. This item may be suitable for solo training, but it should not be used for actual weapons training or sparring. It’s basically a toy.

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