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Dragon King – Octopus Carbon Fiber Sword Cane

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Cannot ship to California, Wisconsin, or Internationally.

Intelligent and cunning, the Octopus is a master of disguise and can hide in plain sight; both decisive on the strike and fierce on the defense, the Octopus is quite a fitting inspiration for this sword cane. This tough and eminently functional sword cane has a shaft of glossy carbon fiber with a hard rubber tip for walking support. The Octopus which forms the bold handle-piece of this sword cane is supremely detailed and crafted from antiqued cupronickel and has a solid heft to it.

When sheathed, the rapier-like sword blade is locked into the scabbard with a spring-loaded brass button – a simple press releases the sword for a quick draw. The blade is unsharpened, but the blade edges are quite thin toward to tip to enhance the already capable piercing power of the rigid blade. In capable hands the sword scabbard is no mere walking stick, but doubles as a bludgeon for the off-hand which can both strike with force or deflect a blow.

A cloth sword bag is included with the cane sword.

Please Note: This item can not be shipped to CA or WI – International restrictions may also apply.

Overall Length37 3/8''
Blade Length22 15/16''
Weight1 lb 8.8 oz
Width17.5 mm
Thickness5.5 mm - 3.1 mm
P.O.B.- 2 5/8''
Grip Length5 1/4''
Blade [9260 High Carbon Steel]
DimensionsOverall Length When Unsheathed: 32 1/8''
TypeSword Cane
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDragon King
Country of OriginChina


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