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Oni Kanabo – European Ashwood

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In Japanese folklore the brutish Oni and other muscled mountain beasts are often depicted with a colossal Kanabo war club and in their bestial hands such a club can in one smash, crush and shatter even the most heavily armored of samurai heroes with a single terrifyingly powerful concussive blow. Burly, intimidating and all-powerful in the strike, a war club such as the one offered here makes it immediately clear why such a weapon is to be dreaded by any foe.

Crafted from robust European Ash hardwood, this Oni Kanabo is festooned with antiqued steel studs and is completed with a spiraled leather grip wrap. The grip is long to give its bearer the leverage needed to deliver armor-crushing impacts and shield-smashing strikes.

Overall Length47"
Weight7 lbs 1 oz
Grip Length12 7/8"
Country of OriginIndia

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