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Pole Axe Head


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This Pole Axe replicates a late 15th. to early 16th. C. museum piece. It is supplied as an unmounted head only. The blade edge is unsharpened. Its socket is approximately 1-1/4” dia. Ash wood shafts (OX005) are available separately.

    Overall Length25 3/8''
    Blade Length6 1/8''
    Weight1 lb 13.7 oz
    Width6 1/2''
    DimensionsTop Spike Length: 6 5/8''
    ClassBattle Ready
    Country of OriginIndia

    8 reviews for Pole Axe Head

    1. Mike M.

      Straight from Talhoffers manual! If you are on the fence so to speak, hop down and get one! This is a nice piece for any collector, especially since it is made by GDFB (bought a German halberd off eBay and it sucks, but they don’t have the same standards as Kult of Athena) Looks authentic and functional once attached to a shaft. Item arrived quickly and intact (which is more than I can say about other online retailers) For the price, you really can’t go wrong with this polearm that The Grand Master Hans Talhoffer would be proud to use! Get one!

    2. Chris

      Great for the price Picked up one of these to use as a presentation piece for HEMA armored demos. A few hours, a few nails, and a 12$ wheel barrow handle later and we have a nice looking poleaxe!

    3. Greg

      Not “Battle Ready” at all. i built an ash, riveted, build for this thing, i gave it one good thrust into a block of wood, about 70lbs, that’s in my driveway. The point of the spike on the end of it bent like it was a beer can. The “weld” joining the pole to the ferrule connecting the langents to the axe, hammer, and spikes, broke off, it look as though the actual attachment points of the steel pieces that make this weapon up, weren’t even cleaned up. it was a rusty pocket, where the spike broke off.

      I will repurpose the langets, ferrule, and pole to make a great flail, i think.

    4. kenneth nancolas (verified owner)

      The good … the head is actually welded not brazed this time. The langets , spikes and head are welded and smooth finished,with no lines showing in the finish product . The bad… ??? the axe, hammer and head are half the thickness of steel in the pictures . The actual thickness is .103 , or between 7/64 and 3/32 of an inch ,a little light for battle ready . Langets thickness of material .150 / 5/32 ” or 1/4 ” material should have been carried out ,through the whole piece . I am not smashing my piece into a log or plate armor , battle ready,probably not ! Final thoughts , the fit finish and welding seems to have been greatly improved ,but the thickness of the material has decreased ,and that’s really too bad .

      • David W

        Hi Kenneth – thanks for posting – a quick note on battle ready vs sport combat. Sport Combat swords are made for really banging into things – like martial arts, hitting armor, or taking out a piece of wood. On the other hand, a Battle Ready blade means that it is sharp enough that it doesn’t classify as a wall hanger… you should be able to use it on plastic bottles, pool noodles, or rice mats. No matter what, blades are at risk when they hit anything hard, and historically, honing or sharpening a blade was often done to maintain the functionality of the item. Confusing terms, we know. But they are used across the industry and we’ve tried – with mixed success – to describe this accurately in our FAQ’s.

    5. nancolaskenneth (verified owner)

      Second time , I’ve tried to submit a review on this item , here goes . The fit and finish on this , has been vastly improved. The piece is now welded not brazed and the bead is cleaned up and polished and looks pretty good. The hammer ,socket and axe steel ,is now thinner ,than what’s in the picture ,by 50% ??? , Battle ready ,probably not . It really is to bad, the improvements in manufacturing , would have made this a nice ,functioning piece … but reducing the thickness of the steel, has created a nice wall hanger.

    6. Dom (verified owner)

      Don’t know really where to start with the issues on this piece. On the hammer side of the pole axe where the design is grinded in, the grooves are in even and one line is not completely ground in. Secondly the axe portion is smaller than what was in the specifications. Its not 6 1/2 long but instead 5 1/2 long, which makes the price seem very small. Lastly the decorative clover like hole on the blade is scuffed looking along with the langets being scuffed and slightly rusty. I could go into much more detail on the other issue I noticed, but that maybe me just nitpicking. Overall the price fits the quality. If you’re not a picky person like myself, go for it.

    7. Jeramy Rich (verified owner)

      Don’t waste your money. Side spikes fell off while lightly hammering the nails through the pre drilled holes in the langets. Had to sand the newly formed langet holes in the side which helped match the poor finish on the piece. Which it was going to be used to practice solo drills anyway so whatever. Put an annealed rivet through it and the final hammer swing the top spike fell off. Kult of Athena was once the place to go for their quality control but not anymore. This is the third item in a row that has been below an acceptable quality (over hardened spear buttspike cracking like glass and a smashed and scratched bascinet that had a misaligned visor being before this junk).

    8. nox_crow

      Really got it because of the price. Picked up an ash pole to attach it to. Got it mostly to run hema drills with.
      Took it over to a friend’s place on the 4th of July to smash a few cantaloupe. On the first strike with the axe the top spike bent forward with the second strike the spike came completely off.
      The bottom of the hammer head bent after bouncing off the cantaloupe.

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