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Polypropylene Training Sword

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This large-bladed training sword is made entirely from robust polypropylene; it will stand up to rigorous training and sparring against other polypropylene training weapons. The blade and edges are thick and rounded for safety, yet they do not add too great a weight to this training weapon. This sword is also an excellent option for costume, cosplay and roleplay.

Overall Length36 5/8''
Blade Length26 1/2''
Weight1 lb 11.4 oz
Width80 mm
Thickness13.8 mm - 8.1 mm
P.O.B.6 5/8''
Grip Length7 1/2''
Blade [Polypropylene]
Country of OriginTaiwan

1 review for Polypropylene Training Sword

  1. Shonen

    For those looking to be like Cloud from FFVII, here is the trainer for you. While not oversized like a really buster sword, this mini-Zanbato is still beefy. Now the one I got had a s-shaped bend in the blade which I tried to straighten with several bricks, the Polypropylene did not give. Personally, I see that as a good thing because it should how much force is required to even break these trains. So if you’re looking for a durable training chopper, this is the blade for you

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