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Raven Claw Fighting Knife

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Additional information

The Raven Claw Fighting Knife features a blackened carbon steel blade and cast metal grip. Includes a leather scabbard with blackened steel accents.

Overall Length19 1/2''
Blade Length13 1/4''
Weight1 lb .6 oz
Width41.8 mm
Thickness4.2 mm - 3 mm
P.O.B.1 1/4''
Grip Length3 3/8''
Blade [1055 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerWindlass Steelcrafts
Country of OriginIndia

7 reviews for Raven Claw Fighting Knife

  1. Taylor Pozsonyi

    not a review~ may i ask what steel this is made from, may order more than one.

  2. [blank]

    For those who wonder what material blade is made from! It is 1055 carbon steel.

  3. Mike

    Great knife. I really enjoy the look of this knife, and am happy i bought it more than a year ago. Handle feels nice enough, and makes for some great decoration. It earns a solid 4 stars because of the loose sheath.

  4. Michael McKenzie

    Long knife with very nice profile… and few problems I have had this knife for about two years. I really like the looks of this knife but I have been cautious about putting it to overly rigorous testing. The blade seems to be durable enough for normal use but I do not like the cast one piece handle. I know it has a tang because does go through the handle and is penned flush at the pummel.

    The knife comes with a flashy sheath made of stiffened leather with metal fittings. This is completely useless for anything other then wall hanging. The knife rattles around and if tipped in any direction other then 45 degrees upward it will fall right out.

  5. Bailey W.

    Pretty Great I haven’t seen any detailed reviews for this product, but i ordered it anyway because it looked neat.
    Out of the box, everything is oiled and smooth and not damaged at all. It looks a lot bigger than expected but the measurements are accurate. The steel seems to be of decent hardness, excellently crafted like most Windlass steel products. It comes blunt from windlass, and Kult of Athena’s sharpening service is okay at best so definitely sharpen it yourself. The scabbard is well crafted aside from the lower fitting, which is somewhat loose and will fall off, just add a spot of super glue to it and slip it back on. The scabbard itself does not hold the blade in, if tilted it will fall out. This isn’t a problem if you put it in a rapier frog, where it will be angled up. The grip itself is comfortable for me, I have small hands. It’s comfortable to hold and its definitely worth the price in my opinion. The overall fit and finish is great and there are no issues with the blade or grip, and only one or two minor issues with the scabbard.

  6. Karabet

    Very Beautiful Knife I absolutely love this knife. I have had it for almost a year and took care of it so well it still looks fresh from the package. My only problem with it is the knife is very loose when in the scabbard but that doesn’t bother me too much. it’s not like I’g going to carry it on me. Overall beautiful/ amazing knife and well sharpened.

  7. goyoelburro2 (verified owner)

    This is not a bad review of the knife. It’s great!
    This is more about issues with Kult of Athena.
    I love the knife. The sheath has issues more than just being loose though.
    When I got it the lower metal buckle was loose and just slipped of the sheath. I had to oil it to get it back on.
    The knife hilt was scratched and the base of the hilt is more shiny steel than black.
    I buy blades from KOA because I expect them to do quality control.
    This is not the first blade from KOA that has had problems. Honestly KOA or eBay, it’s pretty much the same at this point…

    • David W

      Hi Goyoelburro2 – I am sorry you had a bad experience with your quality. We will track down your order and give feedback to team members that handled the inspection – Thank you for being a customer for so long and we hope you come back.

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