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Rawlings Synthetic Sparring Long Sword

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If you’re looking for some real training or just a good medieval spar, look no further. These high-grade, nylon practice swords are designed as the ultimate training tool. They can be used like a waster for Drilling and Pell Work and can also be used for Sparring (with appropriate protection).
The blades are constructed to flex in the last 1/3 towards the tip, allowing a blade that can be used for thrusting (protection should ALWAYS be worn) without being whippy. The blade/tang joint (traditionally a weak point) is reinforced by a steel rod running along the full length of the handle. This also removes any flex in the handle traditionally associated with plastic training swords.
The guard is constructed from nylon. The ball shaped quillons are designed for safety when sparring; the larger surface area = less chance of being impaled.
The slide on grip is constructed from a thermoplastic elastomer to provide the feel of leather over wood. It offers excellent impact absorption without feeling spongy.The Pommel is constructed from nylon as well. This provides the swords balance and makes it safer than metal pommels for pommel strikes. A brass nut is molded into the pommel to provide a tight metal on metal joint to the tang.
The swords can be taken apart easily by unscrewing the pommel. This makes transporting them easy.
The sword weighs about 2/3 of the weight of a real sword. This is designed to lower the impact when sparring. The weight is kept back towards the hilt further lessening this impact. They are very well balanced and are heavier than most wooden wasters on the market.

Overall Length49''
Blade Length37 5/8''
Weight1 lb 13.8 oz
Width55.3 mm
Thickness15.9 mm - 8.0 mm
P.O.B.6 1/8''
Grip Length7 3/8''
ManufacturerRed Dragon Armoury
Country of OriginEngland

1 review for Rawlings Synthetic Sparring Long Sword

  1. architekts (verified owner)

    They’re OK. The synthetic blade is pretty sturdy but it very smooth slides a lot so it’s hard to get a good fuhlen off of it, but I suppose that’s what you should expect from a synthetic sword. We use these every practice in my school club.

    Only small criticism that I have of it is that the pommel tends to keep unscrewing itself and the handle sometime likes to turn since its just rubber. Other than that there’s no major problems.

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