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Rawlings Synthetic Sparring Longsword-Silver Blade

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This high-impact plastic sparring sword is designed with flexibility near the tip. This makes thrusting attacks safer than standard wooden wasters. A high tensile steel rod is within the handle, keeping handle flex to a minimum. The handle is covered in a rubber-like thermoplastic that absorbs impact and gives a better grip. These practice swords can be taken apart by unscrewing the brass nut within the pommel. This allows for easy transport or customization. It weighs about 2/3 of the weight of a real longsword, and the weight is kept back, towards the hilt to make for safer sparring.

Not just for training, these safety training swords are good for theatrical combat. Designed by practitioners of the Historical European Martial Arts community.

Overall Length48 7/8''
Blade Length37 3/4''
Weight1 lb 11.0 oz
Width54.2 mm
Thickness15.9 mm - 10.4 mm
P.O.B.6 1/4''
Grip Length8 1/2''
ManufacturerRed Dragon Armoury
Country of OriginEngland

2 reviews for Rawlings Synthetic Sparring Longsword-Silver Blade

  1. Orion

    This is awesome! The price on this combined with shipping is much better than at Purple Heart Armory (no disrespect to them of course. I know of nowhere else to get a polehammer that won’t kill the people hit with it.) The feel of the grip is great. The blade flexes a lot, but not so much that it becomes highly noticeable when practicing solo. I have yet to spar with this, but I am very excited to use this!

  2. Mick

    Good for minimal gear. Long story short, this is a terrible sparring sword. The flex is such that it won’t hold up in the bind, the rubber grip peels, and the tip is flexy enough that you stand a decent chance of slapping your opponent’s face off if you mess up the alignment.
    That said… This is perfect for minimal gear sparring. It’s more affordable than a lot of options out there, and you really can just spar in some thick clothing, a mask, and a pair of decent (red dragon?) light gloves.
    Are these perfect? Hardly. But, they do serve a purpose, and that purpose is minimal gear sparring.

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